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Submitted on
July 3, 2012
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(Just alittle cute story I came up with awhile ago... Well Hope you enjoy it)

You had another bad dream, the 4th one this week, and this was starting to worry your roommate and your best friend, Alfred. The first night he woke up to crying at the foot of his bed, the second night he found you on the kitchen floor snuggling a loaf of bread, and the third night Alfred insisted you sleep in his bed with him. Sleeping in the same bed helped but not by much, you still woke up with tears flooding your (e/c) eyes but this time not waking Alfred.

This dream that scared you so much, it was about losing Alfred… You couldn't lose the one you love, the guy that's more of a brother than a friend, who when you went home to visit your family, he went with you, and was welcomed and adored by your parents. Alfred was a part of you so much, you couldn't lose him.

The 4th night Alfred again insisted that you sleep in his bed because it seemed to help some. When you woke up this time from your dream, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist, not just any arms, Alfred's arms. He pulled you into his chest and started to hum softly, when you calmed down, Alfred lean close to your ear, and whispered some calming words.

"I not going anywhere, I'll be right by your side when you wake up." He said, his words helped you drift to sleep…

~~~~~Alfred's POV~~~~~

When I knew (Name) was asleep, I had to tell her something… I have to tell her.

"I love you." I whisper, knowing she wouldn't hear it but praying she did.

(Name) didn't toss and turn after my calming words, thank god she can get some much needed rest, now all that was needed was for me to fall asleep. But I can't what if she wakes up and needs me? Sleep can wait for morning…

~~~End of Alfred's POV~~~

You woke up happy, unlike the last 3 days of barely any sleep, you were well-rested and reassured. You turned to Alfred to see his tired face smiling at you, he clearly didn't sleep.

"Alfred," you said softly, "did you stay up all night?" you asked him, he nodded and put his arms around you and pulled you closer to him.

"I had to make sure I was there for you if you woke up." He said, his voice groggy and a light shade of pink spreading across his face, he reached on of his hand up to touched your face.

"A-Alfred, you shouldn't of." You said as red tint flooding your cheeks, "Now you're going to exhausted." You said making him shake his head.

"I had to make sure the girl I love was okay." You smiled at his words, then his lips met your sending a shiver down your spine, he pulled away and gave you a sleepy smile.

"I love you too." You said hugging him, then heard a couple little snores.

Alfred had fallen asleep in your arms and with a smile on his face…
... Random little short story...

Hope you like it...
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ImperatrixTempore Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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perfect two by alburn someone has to write a fanfic about that!
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karks1992 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
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JiffyPeanutbutterGir Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks Glad you liked it!!
karks1992 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
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